About Us

At Leslie's Block Factory Ltd. we understand that customer satisfaction is the key for continued business success and profitability. Therefore, our goal is to provide you with quality customer service and the best certified blocks and cement within the industry all at unbeatable prices. In the end, we hope to gain your trust and loyalty so that together we can help build Belize bigger and stronger.


Leslie's Block Factory opened its doors for business in 1990. We were the second block factory to open in Belize City and since 2010; we are currently the only block factory located within Belize City limits. Our blocks and cement have been used in some of the tallest and largest structures and projects all over the country in places such as The Tourism Village, Renaissance Towers, RF&G's Gordon House and the Marine Parade.

Although we are well known for being Belize's largest distributor of Maya Cement, we are also famous for our strong cement blocks with their distinctive grey cement color. Our blocks are so popular, that they are distributed to a number of construction companies within the country for resale. All Leslie's Block Factory products meet and exceed ASTM standards.

Over the years, we have continuously improved our operations by investing greatly in human resource, marketing and advertising. We have also invested heavily in newer and larger trucks, equipment and block making machinery to ensure that Leslie's Block Factory remains number one at helping you to build Belize!

Government Approved

This serves to record that Leslie's Block Factory Ltd. is one of Belize's leading block manufacturing company and has been a source of masonry building blocks for the Ministry of Works for many years. Their block products are well known for its consistency in quality, good aggregate grading and low dimensional variance. We are particularly pleased with Leslie's Block product's durability and performance during site handling and the resulting low breakage factor.

Most impressive thought, are the certified high test results documented on the Company's blocks. Recent random test results reveals stretcher block average compression values in excess of 2,000 psi for both 6" and 8" blocks. This is well above industry standards and considering that the company has the ability to almost double its normal production output to meet peak demands, ranks our satisfaction rating of Leslie's Block Factory Ltd. as superior.

Eng. Cadet A. Hendereson
Chief Executive Officer